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The Monocle Guide to Better Living

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Structured into chapters on the city, culture, travel, food, and work, the book also provides answers to some key questions.

Which cities offer the best quality of life? How do you build a good school? How do you run a city? Who makes the best coffee? And how do you start your own inspirational business?

The Monocle Guide to Better Living works as a guide but also includes 10 essays that explore what makes a great city, why craft is desirable, how to run your own hotel, and why culture is good for you. This is not a book about fashion or the next big thing.

It’s a book about finding enduring values from a career you want to keep to furniture that will last a lifetime. It s a book designed to stay relevant, loved, and used. An indispensible guidebook to contemporary life, The Monocle Guide to Better Living embodies everything that makes the magazine such a success: easy style and journalistic substance.


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