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Raaw Alchemy

Raaw Kansa Wand

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Betal senere - Betal med Klarna

A Kansa wand is an ancient beauty tool to balance, de-puff and firm your skin. A simple facial massage with the Kansa Wand is an efficient way to smooth and firm the skin for a 'natural face lift'. The magical wand revitalizes and plumps skin, softens fine lines, de-puffs eyes, firms the jawline and cheekbones, tones facial muscles and promotes collagen production. The Kansa Wand will also draw out toxins and accumulated acidity from the skin.

Will leave your skin balanced, rejuvenated and with renewed oxygen.

There are no side effects of using a Kansa wand... except for amazing skin of course!

How to use: Ensure your face is thoroughly cleansed and patted dry. Take a few drops of your favorite facial oil and apply on cleansed skin. Start the facial massage with the Kansa Wand. The good news is: There are no specific 'rules' on how to massage with the Kansa, but I can suggest the following:

Step by step:

Begin at the center of your chin, following the jawline. Repeat a few times and switch sides.

Work your way upwards and start at the corner of your mouth and follow the natural lines of your cheekbones, massaging upwards. Repeat on both sides.

Then massage the middle of your forehead in circles.

With the smaller end of the wand, gently massage the under-eye area. Starting from the inner corner of your eye, gently slide the Kansa under your eye and out to the hairline.

Gently repeat the same motion by gliding the kansa above your eyelid to reduce puffiness."

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